Hope for the Nations was able thru your giving to distribute clothes and shoes in the villages of Ntwetwe and Mayuge in February of 2018. Over 200 young children received something.

Filled to overflowing with the joy of the Lord in Bokomansimbi.

We have been able to start several Bible schools enabling Pastors to receive their certificates in the village of Isingiro and the city of Kampala. Soon to be started are schools in Fort Portal, Entebee, and Kigali, Rwanda. (To the right are graduates receiving their certificates in Kampala, and to the left some in the village of Isingiro)

Out in a village near Fort Portal we held a conference with about 50 pastors and church leaders. They studiously write notes and listen to the message.  January 2018

Brian and Sharon receive a handmade gift in the village of Luwero.

Brian was asked to speak during this prayer gathering of nearly 10,000 people in a church in Kampala in March 2018.

During a conference on the 'End Times' in Mayuge city many come to the altar repenting of their sins giving their lives over to Jesus.

During a conference in a village outside of Masaka, Uganda this lady came up for prayer for some other reason, but walked away with a healed knee and no more pain.

Church rebuild in Rwamagana, Rwanda (Right)

Roofing project in Maliba village, Uganda (Left)

​HFN Stories

78% of Uganda's population is under 30 years old, most being children. HFN has two schools in Kampala located in Bandwe and Gaaba with over four hundred needy children in attendance, some of these children live on site as otherwise they may be on the streets with no one to care for them. 60% of those in attendance are orphans or live in extreme poverty and hardship. HFN is enabling these children ranging from ages of 4 - 14 to gain a primary school education through the work of our ministry and support from donors .

Joy in Hardship

During a 3 day conference in the village of Ntwetwe, nearly 250 people attended (including children). This was 18 months after pastor John (above, next to Sharon) began this church, at first meeting in an 11x11 room with a handful of people. Now they gather on their own property and are in the process of raising funds to cover their roof. They have gotten to where they are today despite many members not having jobs. (Many live on less than $30 a month)                                     

Brian and another pastor carrying a bag of Maize to help feed pastors at a conference at Mustard Seed Church in Mayuge, Uganda. 


At the Christmas break thieves broke into one of teacher's housing located at our Gabba school. They stole all her items, and then set the building on fire. Some of our teachers ran to help put the fire out, but the damage was done. Thankfully friends in the US sent funds to rebuild, and remodel the school as the city of Kampala threatened to close us down, condemning the property. The school has been reopened and looks better than before!

This lady came to a crusade meeting with the assistance of her twelve year old son, as she could not see. That night she went home with complete eye sight! Praise to Jesus!



We have seen, tumors dissolve, ears and eyes opened, the lame walk, the deformed made whole, diseases leave bodies, and all many of infirmities removed by the powerful name of Jesus!

On the last night of the conference in the village many came to the altar and received from the Lord. Some were filled with the Holy Spirit, others were healed physically and emotionally. Several ladies were so overcome they wailed uncontrollably while receiving prayer. 

Altars are full every night.. Many young people come to Jesus.


A Muslim man came to the alter to become born-again. As we had prayer for healing during the crusade, he began to cry out for his two year old paralyzed son at home. He lay at home on a mat, unable to walk, speak, or feed himself. The next morning - as he went to see his son, the boy sat up and spoke with his father for the first time. Shortly after that he was able to feed himself and walk with assistance.Today he is totally whole and able to walk on his own, to the glory of Jesus!

In the village often the children will follow you wherever you go. While going for a walk between meetings, we stepped into an empty school room. Nearly 50 children followed us. Having them all sit down on we decide to have class, speaking about Jesus. Every one of them prayed to have Jesus to come into their hearts.

Crusade in the village near Lake Victoria where many were saved, healed, and delivered.

The presence of the Lord comes into a service outside  of Mbarara.

Pastors being trained

No more HIV!

This young lady was born with HIV contracted through her father who has since passed on because of  the AIDS virus. After prayer she felt strength in her body and went to the doctor. once she had her blood tested she found the virus was no longer present in her blood PTL!

Pastor Gideon and wife with us in Kirolo.

The altars at a pastors and leadership conference in Masindi.


Philippians 2:16  "holding forth the word of life..."

Souls listen intently to the message in the village of Kirolo.

Pastor pause for a photo with Brian and Sharon with friends from the US during a village marriage conference.