Philippians 2:16  "holding forth the word of life..."

The LORD Jesus is moving us to the Philippines.

We were in Philippines from mid November thru first week of December 2018. We had 14 meetings in 18 days in about 8 locations. The presence of the Lord was in every meeting and a number of healings took place along with salvations and re dedications to the Lord.

the lady in the red was healed of cancer.

Many came forward to the alter call in Angono the other altar call was in Tagaytay. In Tagaytay they came forward for the Holy Spirit. In Angono nearly all were on their faces before the Lord, had an overflow in a location below and the about 100 more gathered there and the Lord was ministering there as well. Some healed, many turning from sin as complete surrender to Jesus and way of cross was preached.